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Whiplash, All You Need to Know

You probably have heard of whiplash, but what exactly is it and what does it feel like?

Whiplash, though common, is not a simple injury, and is caused fairly easily from the head jerking suddenly either backwards or forwards or both, from car accidents, sports injuries, even falls and physical abuse.

Studies show that neck injuries with impact are caused by vehicle speed of at least 7mph.

Since most impacts are at speeds faster than that, it's important to understand that even mild whiplash can cause permanent damage to the supporting tissues of the spine, that is easily correct by gentle chiropractic care. If you experience any of the below symptoms, or you're just not feeling "right" after an impact, give us a call for an assessment.

Below are some of the symptoms you may notice after an impact causing whiplash:

  1. Pain and stiffness of the neck
  2. Decreased range of motion
  3. Headaches
  4. Tingling or numbness in the arms
  5. Dizziness
  6. Muscle spasms
  7. Memory disturbances
  8. Blurred vision
  9. Depression/anxiety
  10. Fatigue

Whiplash, how long does it last?

This is a tricky answer, because symptoms don't always appear immediately; sometimes weeks or months after the impact, or as soon as within 24 hours.

As the body releases chemicals that can mask your pain after an impact, you risk further damage to the strained/sprained soft tissues of your neck that without treatment, may persist for weeks, months, or, left untreated - a lifetime.

Every impact and healing process is unique, that's why it's best to have a hands-on chiropractic exam to check your spine after any impact to check the delicate ligaments, tendons and muscles and start the healing process towards a full recovery.

Contact our office after an impact or accident to check for injury you may not realize is there. We're happy to help your spinal health!

Shoulder Injury/Pain After a Car Accident

We normally think of neck whiplash injures from a car accident, but did you know that shoulder injuries are also common?

Shoulder injuries may be caused from either the seatbelt from the rapid forward and backward whiplash movement that also affects your neck, as well as compression from bracing the steering wheel with the arm extended or hitting the steering wheel.

Symptoms you may feel specifically in the shoulder after a car accident are shoulder pain with movement from your normal activities (reaching above, behind, out) general shoulder muscle weakness, popping, cracking, griding or locking sensations, a sense of instability, dull achiness deep in the shoulder at rest, pain while lying on the shoulder, less range of motion, spasms, bruising and swelling, weakness/numbness in the arm, neck, hand, fingers.

As you can see, even simple car accidents can have very complicated impacts on our bodies.

Symptoms may take days or weeks to notice, so we are here to give you a check after any car accident. Feel free to give us a call , even if you're feeling fine.

Relief Without Drugs or Surgery

So by now, you know that you should get a chiropractic exam promptly following any car accident. To check for any injury-caused musculoskeletal misalignments or sprains/strains, and is crucial to your healing and recovery without drugs or surgery, using your body's natural healing process.

Here at Kimel Chiropractic, after performing a thorough spinal exam and any needed imagery, our doctors will customize a treatment plan just for you with gentle chiropractic adjustments that is non-invasive, safe and effective to help you recover naturally, without drugs or surgery, bringing alignment back to your spine, and your nervous system back to optimal.

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