Why Us.

A Different Approach.

Patients who have been with us for awhile usually begin to notice that we have somewhat of a different approach to health and the body than they get from other types of providers. 

Kimel Chiropractic Center has been serving the North Phoenix area since 1986. We are a family business dedicated to serving and educating our patients on health issues with a natural approach. Personal health care often is lost in our current health care environment. We strive to give you individual recommendations and join you in your quest to find drug-less, natural health care options.

Kimel Chiropractic can cater to your preference of male or female doctors. 

We have four different chiropractors in our office, combining new information and techniques with over 30 years of experience and know how. This allows us to get a second opinion immediately if you desire. You always have the opportunity in our office to work with another doctor if you would like to request another approach.

We take pride in trying to get to the root cause of your problem.  Therefore we perform an exam and a variety of tests so that we can determine if the services we provide may be helpful to you.  If we don't think we can help or if another provider may need to check into these issues we will help guide you to find the help you need.  

So we invite you to come be part of our health care family and experience the difference of personal health care.