Stressful Times and Pain


Now more than ever, we're living in stressful times.

Over the next few posts, we'll focus on how our emotional and mental stress and our physical pain can go hand in hand and how chiropractic helps.

Pain and tension:

Do you know where you "carry your stress?"

Emotional and mental stress is hard on the body, resulting in back pain, muscle tightness, headaches...especially if we're in fight or flight mode.

Not sleeping well, slouching, poor posture, computer work, "tech neck", not eating well all contribute.

Stress - even emotional stress - can settle in physical tension, particularly in the neck and upper back.

Do you hold your stress and tension there?

Tensed muscles not allowed to rest and realign, affects the nearby bones, tendons, ligaments, joints, and nerves causing compression, inflammation, and misalignments.

During stressful times, stress and pain may continue in a cycle until corrected.

At Kimel Chiropractic, we offer gentle methods of chiropractic adjustments that can soothe the nervous system response and reduce that tension.

We can also help teach you better posture and ergonomics with home exercises to correct these during the day, and breathing techniques to reduce the emotional stress-response.

If you are stressed out and feeling pain, we're here to help offer a gentle natural solution.

Watch for our next post for more about emotional stressors and the spine.

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