Making Social Media Healthy for you!


Tips on helping social media positive for you.

Is social media helpful or hurtful to you?

Not surprisingly, studies done over the last 10 years show everything from helping with positive outlooks to depression or anxiety.

Here's some tips to make it healthy for YOU:

  1. Cull to the most meaningful interactions. Engage with intention, then move on. Make social media is working for YOU and learn your triggers. Maybe don't engage with that post, don't click on that video that leads to a rabbit hole of other videos. Regarding news, verify verify verify.
  2. Use social media for inspiration not comparison. Use it for encouraging one another, and for building a community and a better world. Don't be fooled by the faces portrayed behind a screen.
  3. Be true to yourself on social media. Be genuine and authentic. If you wouldn't share it in person, don't share it online.
  4. Put yourself first. If social media is getting you worked up rather than feeding your soul, it's time to log off. It's ok! It may help to foster more genuine relationships and have coffee or lunch dates in place of your online time.
  5. Last tip: watch your posture and avoid tech-neck - the posture you assume on your device that causes neck and shoulder strain and pain. Next time you come for your adjustment, ask us about it!

Hopefully some of these tips will inspire YOU to be more intentional with your online presence and be a more positive influence in your life!