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Align Your Health

How we look at health.

by Nick Kimel D.C. on 03/22/12

Patients who have been with us for awhile usually begin to notice that we have somewhat of a different approach to health and the body than they get from other types of providers.  Chiropractic has always broken down health in a different way based on these four principles.

1)      Your body is a self-healing, self-regulating organism.  Life is healing.  

Ok, before you even start to think well my body is not healing this, or that (fill in the blank) _______ right now.  Hear me out.  If you cut your finger an incredible intricate set of physiological processes will occur in which your body will heal the cut.  You might put a band aid and maybe even some Neosporin on it, but trust me it was your body that automatically began the process that healed the cut.  Did you know that every 4 months you have replaced every cell in your liver.  Every five days you replace your stomach lining.  Your body is healing problems you don’t even know about and will be until the end.  The point is, your body is always in a state of change and repair.  The healing program is in your genes.  Your body just needs to choose to express the right ones.

2)       The nervous system is the master system of your body. 

The nervous system is your contact in the mind-body connection.  It joins your body to your mind and to the rest of the world. As long as it’s running the right program and communicating with every piece and part of you, down to the last cell, you got it… that’s right… ding ding ding… HEALTH. 

Sounds logical, but we all forget about it sometimes.  We’ve all been trained to think drugs are the answer to our health journey.  Your headache is due to lack of advil.  Your indigestion is from your bad pipes…and lack of prilosec.   Your lack of Viagra is leading to numerous, unmentionable  problems.  You get my point,  for drugs to work there has to be something wrong with you…  with your program.  Life doesn’t heal, drugs do…the band aid heals the cut…sounds like a weird way to manage health.    Truth is drugs can be useful.  At their best they buy you more time to find the cause of what is causing your body to express the wrong program.  At their worst they cover up the one thing that would cause you to take action.  The symptoms.

3)  Interferences and disruptions in your nervous system lead to poor communication between your body and mind, you end up not well.   This is when you first start to notice that something is not right.  Your warning light has gone off and it’s time to make a change. For a true healthy outcome to occur you must address the fact that your nervous system is not communicating with your inborn program, your DNA, and your epigenetics. 

4)      These interferences are called subluxations when they occur in the spine or other joints.  Your body is not giving your mind the right information to make the right decisions.    Subluxations are caused by not eating, moving, or thinking along the lines of our genetic requirements.  Our job as chiropractors is to help you remove those interferences so that your body can communicate as it is intended and to help you find what factors from the world around you are causing the miscommunication.